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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Panic At The Disco - Or - How Fucked Up Israel/Palestinian Peace Process Is

So there are two basic things that the Palestinians want.
1) To be an autonomous and recognized state.
2) some form of territorial integrity

Israel - not a big country - much less wide appears to be dubious about both of those things and not without reason - but lets take this one at a time and I'll explain why 1 & 2 are connected an essentially the same thing.

The PA & Hamas want territorial integrity and control of the movement of their people between The Gaza Strip & The West Bank. You will notice that they are bisected by the state of Israel. Huh. Weird right?

Yeah since #2 is about as likely as Lawrence Krauss suddenly becoming a card carrying member of ISIS and going on the Haj - lets just say that that won't happen.

That means that #1 is impossible. What nation do you know that does't have some form of territorial integrity and is dependent on goodwill just so your people can move from one town to another? LITERALLY NONE.

So what's the solution? Well... Israel has a couple options (none of which it can sell easily).

1) Jordan Annexes the West Bank and Israel gets the Gaza Strip back as all of the palestinians are re-accommodated to The West Bank. - Israel pays Jordan a shitload of money for resettlement costs and some extra because it is already a refugee populated nation.

2) Israel allows the construction of an underground tunnel that allows bike/pedestrian and car/truck traffic to connect The West Bank and Gaza. Problem - zero trust plus probably existing infrastructure issues.

3) Israel absorbs the palestinian territories in a treaty where Israel gives up its status as a Jewish State and goes in for some more egalitarianism. So Nope. It is the best option - that these people at odds can come together and achieve a union wherein there is mutual respect. But they haven't been there for 5,000 years. 


4) War. probably not nuclear but holy schnikies.


Saturday, April 01, 2017

A Study In Red

Red Journalism that is... As the cultural marxism onslaught continues... The Independent Reports!

So he has a private elevator to his office.  That means that every Sec. State in recent memory before him did - but they point it out only now because it serves the upcoming narrative that he is absent and aloof.

He blocks out reading time - which is in quotes for some reason - likely to indicate editorial disdain like maybe he's just napping or something as opposed to learning - and being in his office is cloistered now. One would think reading memos ahead of meetings would be a good thing - but the author and editor clearly think its just a sign of incompetence.

Yes so he has an insular circle of political aides.  Which is to say he has political aides... and the insular is an editorial choice - narrative firmly established.  And then comes the rumor mongering about not looking him in the eye.  How do I know its a rumor? No leaked memo or other attribution present and the following statement in the article.

So people are talking shit and it is alluded that some people believe this shit because they have cartoonish imaginations about their Sec. State probably thanks to the media.  I say that because people don't get ideas from nowhere and these career bureaucrats ought to know better by now.

So onto the modus operandi for this article - as to why talk about any of this at all. The State Dept Budget.  It is proposed to be cut by 30-37% by this admin.  Well that throws a monkey wrench in a whole lot of interventionist plans by the establishment types (neocon/neoliberal foreign policy hawks).

Interesting - they quote the top Democrat - but don't seek out the Republican Chair. Weird right? So why does Tillerson not fight the cuts? Well for one - this is a part of the strategy of the White house to cut the bureaucracy - that is to drain the swamp.

Ok so what swamp might I be referring to? The Swamp that resulted in chaos in Iraq/ Syria/ Turkey/ Libya/ Georgia/ Ukraine and the spread of that to sub-Saharan Africa in a real way - and the migrant crisis in the EU (especially southern and eastern areas).  There isn't a single part of those regions made better in the last 8 years - even Egypt is worse off by far thanks to our meddling. The swamp is murky as fuck.

So why cut the State Dept budget of all places right? It seems counter intuitive and counter productive right? Well what if I told you it makes sense if you wanted to stop, slow, stymie or otherwise inhibit US interventionism and involve ourselves less in other nations' domestic affairs? Consider the large number of spies acting under official cover through the State Dept - like this moron who got himself caught and beat up outside the US Embassy in Moscow

We see in TV, movies and other media how often spies are run out of embassies.  Well the logical first step to curtailing this provocation is to cut the funding for it.  Often we have seen various bureaucracies go rogue - The State Dept in Ukraine appeared to be running its own little thing with the help of Sen. McCain, the CIA hacked the Sen. Intel Oversight Committee during the torture probe.  Back in the 1962 Operation Northwoods nearly went through if JFK hadn't shut that down. Other related operations were Operation Mongoose, Mockingbird, Dirty Trick (using a malfunctioning Mercury Space Launch to provoke hostilities) and Bingo ("create an incident which has the appearance of an attack on U.S. facilities (GMO) in Cuba, thus providing an excuse for use of U.S. military might to overthrow the current government of Cuba.")

The idea that our government is as pure as the driven snow is one of the false pretenses that arguments are based on.  The idea that the state department is a force for good or something - or even successful at pursuing US interests is dubious at best. The TPP and TTIPS were both pathetic treaties that would have only made trade less free world wide and neutered sovereignty and our ability to seek recompense through the courts. Why would you fund an agency that would negotiate against you? It is ludicrous.

So what about people having issues working with Tillerson?

Ok well there goes that narrative - but despite this the author continues without attribution - but full of apparent refutation...

Yes *some complain* and *other* unnamed *diplomats* are cited.  John Sullivan was rejected  - es I wonder why? a Republican Lawyer under...oh yeah GWB - remember that guy? Well anyone who served under him would be suspect - and he has no State Dept XP either - so why double down on that? Seems like a good decision to me.

Oh...really? so *some* unnamed *diplomats* again are meeting (conspiring) to swap notes (plot) on how to decipher (createively interpret to their own benefit) the fledgling *editorial word choice to denigrate Trump* administration's policies?  Why I am shocked shocked that there is plotting going on around here.  Might I suggest taking the policies at face value you cock stains?

Well that's why you're former...and the rogue bureaucracy is getting benched.  It got uppity and was usurping power and being disruptive. Senior acting officials were refusing to do their jobs as ordered and so were relieved.  Bye!

Yes and the bureaucracy has shown itself to be untrustworthy especially with all of these leaks, rumors and anonymous shit talking..erm...sourcing.  As to whether or not it will lead to success - I will say that the jury is out.  The old system wasn't working at all - so maybe, just maybe it is time to try something new and if that means firing a whole bunch of people well then so be it.  Control over information is paramount.  The idea that there should be or even was a free flow is absurd. No I reject that notion.  Info is controlled to control leaks and perception here and abroad.

Ah and back to rumor mongering then a correction to show how full of shiat these sources really are...

Well ok. So he is finding a way to work that helps him.

Well gee a political appointee expecting his underlings to harden the fuck up and adapt? The price of pearls must have shot up with all of the clutching and fainting on victorian era couches that is going on here.

Welp - maybe - but it is a former official - he might not know things or perhaps there is internal sabotage being done through withholding of information - like has been rumored with the CIA, FBI and others with President Trump.

So he course corrected and its all ok - gee.  I think we can leave that there then.

Indicated here is that other Sec. States have also not filled the counsellor position - yet the editor and author try to portray this as an oddity. And yes the bureaucrats are an obstacle to change - hence all of the whining in the paragraphs above and below! Do you even read what you are writing for content?

Why the fuck would the Sec. State for Trump work for *both* parties? What in the name of fuck is that about? See this is why they are a problem - they just don't get it. They think they ought to get their way all the time. The author - clearly doesn't read for comprehension very well though he'd make an excellent copywriter.  Oh well except for the fact that he forgets Nato is spelled NATO because its an acronym.  What a tool - also hello editor do your freaking job - you're an editor not an officer for the soviet politbureau!

Oh no he has a smaller staff and will travel less? Heavens to fucking Mergatroyd! Oh and he had no official note taker - so his aides did that job - so there were still records.  So there was a problem that there was no problem. Oh. Fuck right off you cunt.

In other words - feel free to express your differences and we will listen - we just won't take it as gospel and always accommodate you. Ah finally a boss who is taking charge!

Update: Called It - Rumor of Not Making Eye Contact IS FALSE and spread by Jeff Bezos personal blog the Washington Post. #FakeNews

Monday, March 13, 2017

Deconstruction of a Polity Article

From the Leftist Rag:

So - every day encounters eh? Let's see where Molly Ball goes with this...

So... you're at a formal party with many many other diplomats and assorted other hangers-on and *clutches pearls* you meet a slavic looking fellow in a dark suit who turns out to be *gasp*...

WHOA you just met a diplomat at a party with a ton of other diplomats! Why...this must be a sinister plot!  Why in the fuck does meeting the Russian Ambassador at a formal party at the French Ambassador's residence (with whom he is acquainted) "feel a little bit creepy"? Oh wait - it doesn't and Molly is laying it on thick - like Nutella thick to justify the very thin premise of the article.  Moving onward...

So she says that Sergey Kislyak is reputed to be an intel operative.  Ok - all ambassadors are to some extent.  I'm not sure what her point is here except to stoke unnecessary fears and undermine Trump's credibility by alleged association.  Very thin - but also laden with propaganda, assumptions and lacking in the truth as to Trump.

So no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing - back in January - and yet to day we still have reporters banging on that very very dead horse.

A suspect of what? You should know when meeting an ambassador that they are always looking for something in their own nation's interest.  Are you stupid? No - Molly Ball is one of those dangerous people playing on general public ignorance. You know how I know?

Well, here's Kislyak at Trump's address to Congress where he sat on the Democratic side of the aisle.  Also a tweet from Brit Hume who has seen other senators (in this case Democrat Diane Feinstein) have lunch with him.

This is normal for senators who have their jobs to write legislation to support treaties they have signed and to engage in foreign relations.  Sen. Feinstein isn't some Pro-Russian collaborator or useful idiot any more than Jeff Sessions, Flynn or Trump are.  It is all McCarthy-esque horseshit.

So...what else does Molly Ball have to say on this?

So now she relates a story about the attempted suborning of a staffer by what is presumably a Taiwanese asset/agent.  Well that says nothing about Kislyak - nor about "everyday" situations - rather that people in positions of access are routinely approached in Washington.  So...yeah - also that the Chinese might be conducting routine surveillance on people at popular eateries.  *shocking*.  Molly...what in the name of fuck is wrong with you?  Of course this shit goes on - it always has.  Are...are you high?

Well no shit sherlock. Yes attractive Israeli women from an embassy are spies! Holy shit...are we sure anyone receives training?  Why yes people get paid to put out propaganda all the time.  In fact the CIA had a whole domestic operation about that. There are journalists who say that it continues today - just more under-the-table.  And with all the leaks in the press from unnamed sources - releasing not much more than rank speculation and vague hints - yeah I'm sure it does and right now Molly Ball (love the name btw) is basically all in. More shit to follow for a page or so...and we get to the end with a wrap up on the initial story to which by now the reader has likely forgotten...

So Trevor is an idiot - strikes up a meaningless conversation with Kislyak only for Kislyak to show him what sop he is.  And the guy acts like he was just being polite not talking about the election.  What a self important turd.  You made a dumb statement *hurr durr Rusia's cold right hurrrrr* and Kislyak pointed out your little error.  You thought you were being cute - only to show Kislyak that you're a moron not worth his time.

Well I suppose Trevor is more dangerous to himself than anyone else.  The good news is that I doubt Kislyak will have him on the list of people to target.  He's too stupid to be useful. Thanks Molly. Bang. Up. Job.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How Ignorance Can Be Indoctrinated - A Real Life Example of Being Disconnected With Reality

The Video:

Apparently us white males have been misbehaving - yes we were naughty and elected Trump and dared - yes dared to support police as an institution and to say that we believe in innocent until proven guilty!

So lets Start with the first guy

Ah The Beta Cuck is easing us white males into the propaganda - the useful idiot is himself a white male and probably also a male-feminist in his spare time. (total time in video so far - 2 seconds)


Beta Cuck 2 - still Male - but now (what a relief [sarcasm]) he's not white. Talks about it being nearly 2017 before disappearing for the main act!


Ah here we go - this is the guy who tells us that we can be better white males! He's wearing a cat shirt just for the internet! How savvy! Wanna bet a white male owns that IP? Also notice the friendly feminine pastels - you can feel your testosterone plummeting.


Ah our first rule maker! Well I notice that she is neither white nor male.  I'm sensing we've been duped boys! Ah we are supposed to recognize that America was never great for non-whites.  I disagree - We must all say "compared to what" and if one were to take the rest of the world...I'd say yup all in all America (at least post-slavery) was far better for blacks and other minorities than even the regions they came from.  Hell...your black ancestors were sold by their enemy tribesmen to the white slavers as a way of getting rid of you and taking your stuff.  So it was either be killed by other blacks in Africa - or be slaves and alive in America.  Hardly excuses slavery - but slavery as a social practice was not something invented by WHITE MALES - rather a customary practice by literally everyone for thousands of years And it was White Males (principally the British) who ended it over vast swathes of the globe - and then the USA caught up - and roughly 700,000 WHITE MALES died for it.  You're welcome.


Ah Ugly Betty here thinks we should all just agree that BLM (no not the bureau of land management) isn't racist - just trying to help out poor oppressed black people!

Yes fry em like bacon indeed. about the Dallas Sniper who shot 12 and killed 5 officers...
He was not a BLM member/supporter himself - only because he felt they DIDN'T GO FAR ENOUGH.  So what did BLM supporters have to say?

Now - I know what you're gonna say - the MOVEMENT isn't about this...its just a few crazies etc etc etc.  Yes well why don't you just try a bit of substitution with the David Duke support for Trump.  Is it still just a few crazies? Or is the entire movement racist by virtue of association?  I'll let you decide.

Ok back to the video...

The Return of the Cuck

"Blue Lives Matter isn't a thing!" he says with out any justification.  Well that's just like...your opinion man... and I'm not sure how it is connected to white males.  So I suppose if I am to play out his scenario/opinion that only white males have a respect for the lives of police officers?  Well I'm sure that is wrong does show his disconnect with reality.

Return of the Cat Meme Shirt!

More on Blue Lives Matter... "They weren't born with blue skin..."

Well you are correct but your glib disbelief is stupid. The counter-movement to BLM...hilariously also acronym-ed to BLM..isn't actually about skin color but about maybe not calling for the death of cops as people in BLM appear to do.  It isn't a Kill Black Men movement - it is a "don't create a dangerous environment for police officers to operate" movement.  But we all know - despite protestations by some that it is simply incidental if more cops die...oh not that you're calling for it...but if it happens well they probably got what they deserved right?  Ass.

#6 Anti-woke cucks - they are disconnected even with themselves

"Stop saying 'woke'".  Well I'm pretty sure its only left leaning meme-lords that are using the term and doesn't specifically apply to white males.  Lena Dunham has beeen described this way - though I am more preferential to her self description as a 'waste-oid'.

Return of The Not White Male

"Stop saying woke" - Again...not sure how this is a white male thing specifically or how we can be better by not saying it.  You just don't like it.  I agree its stupid - but not in a specifically 'white male" sense.  I think its stupid because of the presupposition of moral superiority - and yet you make me want to defend it with your even more stupid righteous indignation somehow to white males using it.  It boils down to...



#7 - The Young 3rd Wave Feminist - No doubt believes in the patriarchy.

"Learn what man-splaining is and stop doing it" she says with extraordinary know like if she was man-splaining it to you - but without a sense of irony...The disconnect very visible here.  Hrm...did I just mansplain her?  I don't think so...but you decide.

Getting Cucked Round 3

"Oh and if you're a judge, don't prioritize the well-being of an ivy league athlete over the woman he assaulted"  Hrm yes quite. You could do better by being more specific about the incident - but again - this has nothing to do with being a white male (nor does anything prior to this or after it).  Judges often have a disconnect themselves and are more lenient with people they can sympathize with on an in-group bias basis - like that is why we have the meme of 'white-collar' crime where fellow professionals like bankers, doctors and police/lawyers get more of the benefit of the doubt and shorter/more lenient sentences.  The white isn't about skin color - it is about economic class and social status.  You aren't wrong in the specific - but you are wrong in generalizing it to white males.  You cuck.

Black Skin = Black Thoughts: Cat Meme Part 3

Beyonce is black so she cares about black issues.  Ok...not sure how this has anything to do with white guys.  You have at least one white guy in this video who agrees with you...and he's white.  Your own argument is false within two seconds of you speaking.

Awkward and arrogant FoxNews call out is also stupid.  Nowhere does he provide a basis for it - this is just red meat for the useful idiots.

The Return of #5 - Kanye is now excommunicated

"You guys can have him" - referencing his spoken support and meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump.  To her its like he betrayed his blackness by offering his support and having a conversation rather than protesting and burning weave shops.

Hey Kanye - you're not black anymore! You're a bad white male! Also apparently we own him now or he's now a slave or some token black guy rather than someone 'down for the struggle'.  Wew lassy!

Cat Meme 4 - Die Hard Edition

" know what you did".  I am sensing some butthurt here. Like somehow Kanye is a race traitor or some other leftist "othering" category.  You do know you are violating your own supposed principals of inclusiveness by 'othering' Kanye right?  No - you don't.  You  have fallen into the trap of tribalism.  If you do know better and I am wrong...that just makes it worse and quite a cynical move.  Gee I hope you don't throw out or delete all of his 'genius' music.

#6 Returns to Deliver a Message

"Nobody who has black friends says they have black friends." Do you have black friends? *crickets* Muahahahaha. Most of the time when someone is referencing a black friend or the fact that they associate with them is because some prick like yourself is accusing them of not being aware of or being insensitive to black issues - through lack of association.  It seems cliche - but often the question proceeding the statement is meant to insult/undermine the subject's integrity.  Maybe you stop assuming that someone doesn't have black friends first?  Again - nothing to do with being a white male...more to do with being subject to racial identity politics around every turn.

Cat Meme 5 - Die Harder

"Just because you have black friends doesn't mean you're not racist!"  Riiiiiight well it is probably a good sign that you're not - but since we can't prove a negative here...all white males are racist as an assumption to Cat Meme.  Also I would think it would be up to those alleged black friends to associate with the hypothetical racist white male.  Lets play this one out...Do you Sir Cat Meme associate with white racist males and call them your friends?  I'd bet the answer is no.

He looks really worried here for a moment - like the cognitive dissonance is catching up with his mouth.

Ambiguously Brown Male

"Look guys nobody's perfect."  Oh how nice of you to admit after the minute long lecture about how badly we white males have been acting! Oh the sweet sweet scent of moral superiority by virtue of not being born as a white male!  I say ambiguous brown male becuase I don't know where he's from or his name...could be middle eastern, could be central/south america...could be southern Spain or North Africa...OH THE HUMANITY!

AAAAAND the pullback

"But honestly you guys could do a little better in 2017". Huh well as a general statement that can apply to every individual - but in context it is horrendously demeaning and bigoted. Yes you and all your fellows are bigots.  I know...its shocking.  Try not to be triggered! Avoid Safe Spaces!

Right after saying that nobody is immediately pull back the slight a yeah but no kinda way.  Go fuck yourselves.

3rd Wave Whiplash!

"Some of you guys do a great job!"  Gee thanks...right after pulling back the previous consolation you go for another one...let me guess...there's a 'but' here.

"Some of you don't"  Huh...well I called it. Disingenuous optimism followed by arrogant pullback. I hope she knows that the patriarchy is watching!  Still nothing connected to white maleness - just uncorrelated moaning.

Cat Meme 6 - Memes and Loathing in Las Vegas

"Please 2016 was bad! 2017 can't be worse than this..." Your grasp of hyperbole is noted - the problem is I don't think you see it as hyperbole.  The disconnect with reality will be growing like a psychosis.

And the Signoff

Weird...none of the two actual white guys made a resolution to do anything...they just begged the rest to stop doing these things that have nothing to do with white maleness.  Huh. This is just a bigoted screed by people who are unwilling to see their own hypocritical views for what they are. If I had sympathy I'd say that it was a sad waste of potential - but I don't. They are old enough to know better.  I blame their professors, parents and teachers.  You have created little monsters.

And shame on MTV for promoting social justice.  It won't win you anything.