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Monday, March 13, 2017

Deconstruction of a Polity Article

From the Leftist Rag:

So - every day encounters eh? Let's see where Molly Ball goes with this...

So... you're at a formal party with many many other diplomats and assorted other hangers-on and *clutches pearls* you meet a slavic looking fellow in a dark suit who turns out to be *gasp*...

WHOA you just met a diplomat at a party with a ton of other diplomats! Why...this must be a sinister plot!  Why in the fuck does meeting the Russian Ambassador at a formal party at the French Ambassador's residence (with whom he is acquainted) "feel a little bit creepy"? Oh wait - it doesn't and Molly is laying it on thick - like Nutella thick to justify the very thin premise of the article.  Moving onward...

So she says that Sergey Kislyak is reputed to be an intel operative.  Ok - all ambassadors are to some extent.  I'm not sure what her point is here except to stoke unnecessary fears and undermine Trump's credibility by alleged association.  Very thin - but also laden with propaganda, assumptions and lacking in the truth as to Trump.

So no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing - back in January - and yet to day we still have reporters banging on that very very dead horse.

A suspect of what? You should know when meeting an ambassador that they are always looking for something in their own nation's interest.  Are you stupid? No - Molly Ball is one of those dangerous people playing on general public ignorance. You know how I know?

Well, here's Kislyak at Trump's address to Congress where he sat on the Democratic side of the aisle.  Also a tweet from Brit Hume who has seen other senators (in this case Democrat Diane Feinstein) have lunch with him.

This is normal for senators who have their jobs to write legislation to support treaties they have signed and to engage in foreign relations.  Sen. Feinstein isn't some Pro-Russian collaborator or useful idiot any more than Jeff Sessions, Flynn or Trump are.  It is all McCarthy-esque horseshit.

So...what else does Molly Ball have to say on this?

So now she relates a story about the attempted suborning of a staffer by what is presumably a Taiwanese asset/agent.  Well that says nothing about Kislyak - nor about "everyday" situations - rather that people in positions of access are routinely approached in Washington.  So...yeah - also that the Chinese might be conducting routine surveillance on people at popular eateries.  *shocking*.  Molly...what in the name of fuck is wrong with you?  Of course this shit goes on - it always has.  Are...are you high?

Well no shit sherlock. Yes attractive Israeli women from an embassy are spies! Holy shit...are we sure anyone receives training?  Why yes people get paid to put out propaganda all the time.  In fact the CIA had a whole domestic operation about that. There are journalists who say that it continues today - just more under-the-table.  And with all the leaks in the press from unnamed sources - releasing not much more than rank speculation and vague hints - yeah I'm sure it does and right now Molly Ball (love the name btw) is basically all in. More shit to follow for a page or so...and we get to the end with a wrap up on the initial story to which by now the reader has likely forgotten...

So Trevor is an idiot - strikes up a meaningless conversation with Kislyak only for Kislyak to show him what sop he is.  And the guy acts like he was just being polite not talking about the election.  What a self important turd.  You made a dumb statement *hurr durr Rusia's cold right hurrrrr* and Kislyak pointed out your little error.  You thought you were being cute - only to show Kislyak that you're a moron not worth his time.

Well I suppose Trevor is more dangerous to himself than anyone else.  The good news is that I doubt Kislyak will have him on the list of people to target.  He's too stupid to be useful. Thanks Molly. Bang. Up. Job.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How Ignorance Can Be Indoctrinated - A Real Life Example of Being Disconnected With Reality

The Video:

Apparently us white males have been misbehaving - yes we were naughty and elected Trump and dared - yes dared to support police as an institution and to say that we believe in innocent until proven guilty!

So lets Start with the first guy

Ah The Beta Cuck is easing us white males into the propaganda - the useful idiot is himself a white male and probably also a male-feminist in his spare time. (total time in video so far - 2 seconds)


Beta Cuck 2 - still Male - but now (what a relief [sarcasm]) he's not white. Talks about it being nearly 2017 before disappearing for the main act!


Ah here we go - this is the guy who tells us that we can be better white males! He's wearing a cat shirt just for the internet! How savvy! Wanna bet a white male owns that IP? Also notice the friendly feminine pastels - you can feel your testosterone plummeting.


Ah our first rule maker! Well I notice that she is neither white nor male.  I'm sensing we've been duped boys! Ah we are supposed to recognize that America was never great for non-whites.  I disagree - We must all say "compared to what" and if one were to take the rest of the world...I'd say yup all in all America (at least post-slavery) was far better for blacks and other minorities than even the regions they came from.  Hell...your black ancestors were sold by their enemy tribesmen to the white slavers as a way of getting rid of you and taking your stuff.  So it was either be killed by other blacks in Africa - or be slaves and alive in America.  Hardly excuses slavery - but slavery as a social practice was not something invented by WHITE MALES - rather a customary practice by literally everyone for thousands of years And it was White Males (principally the British) who ended it over vast swathes of the globe - and then the USA caught up - and roughly 700,000 WHITE MALES died for it.  You're welcome.


Ah Ugly Betty here thinks we should all just agree that BLM (no not the bureau of land management) isn't racist - just trying to help out poor oppressed black people!

Yes fry em like bacon indeed. about the Dallas Sniper who shot 12 and killed 5 officers...
He was not a BLM member/supporter himself - only because he felt they DIDN'T GO FAR ENOUGH.  So what did BLM supporters have to say?

Now - I know what you're gonna say - the MOVEMENT isn't about this...its just a few crazies etc etc etc.  Yes well why don't you just try a bit of substitution with the David Duke support for Trump.  Is it still just a few crazies? Or is the entire movement racist by virtue of association?  I'll let you decide.

Ok back to the video...

The Return of the Cuck

"Blue Lives Matter isn't a thing!" he says with out any justification.  Well that's just like...your opinion man... and I'm not sure how it is connected to white males.  So I suppose if I am to play out his scenario/opinion that only white males have a respect for the lives of police officers?  Well I'm sure that is wrong does show his disconnect with reality.

Return of the Cat Meme Shirt!

More on Blue Lives Matter... "They weren't born with blue skin..."

Well you are correct but your glib disbelief is stupid. The counter-movement to BLM...hilariously also acronym-ed to BLM..isn't actually about skin color but about maybe not calling for the death of cops as people in BLM appear to do.  It isn't a Kill Black Men movement - it is a "don't create a dangerous environment for police officers to operate" movement.  But we all know - despite protestations by some that it is simply incidental if more cops die...oh not that you're calling for it...but if it happens well they probably got what they deserved right?  Ass.

#6 Anti-woke cucks - they are disconnected even with themselves

"Stop saying 'woke'".  Well I'm pretty sure its only left leaning meme-lords that are using the term and doesn't specifically apply to white males.  Lena Dunham has beeen described this way - though I am more preferential to her self description as a 'waste-oid'.

Return of The Not White Male

"Stop saying woke" - Again...not sure how this is a white male thing specifically or how we can be better by not saying it.  You just don't like it.  I agree its stupid - but not in a specifically 'white male" sense.  I think its stupid because of the presupposition of moral superiority - and yet you make me want to defend it with your even more stupid righteous indignation somehow to white males using it.  It boils down to...



#7 - The Young 3rd Wave Feminist - No doubt believes in the patriarchy.

"Learn what man-splaining is and stop doing it" she says with extraordinary know like if she was man-splaining it to you - but without a sense of irony...The disconnect very visible here.  Hrm...did I just mansplain her?  I don't think so...but you decide.

Getting Cucked Round 3

"Oh and if you're a judge, don't prioritize the well-being of an ivy league athlete over the woman he assaulted"  Hrm yes quite. You could do better by being more specific about the incident - but again - this has nothing to do with being a white male (nor does anything prior to this or after it).  Judges often have a disconnect themselves and are more lenient with people they can sympathize with on an in-group bias basis - like that is why we have the meme of 'white-collar' crime where fellow professionals like bankers, doctors and police/lawyers get more of the benefit of the doubt and shorter/more lenient sentences.  The white isn't about skin color - it is about economic class and social status.  You aren't wrong in the specific - but you are wrong in generalizing it to white males.  You cuck.

Black Skin = Black Thoughts: Cat Meme Part 3

Beyonce is black so she cares about black issues.  Ok...not sure how this has anything to do with white guys.  You have at least one white guy in this video who agrees with you...and he's white.  Your own argument is false within two seconds of you speaking.

Awkward and arrogant FoxNews call out is also stupid.  Nowhere does he provide a basis for it - this is just red meat for the useful idiots.

The Return of #5 - Kanye is now excommunicated

"You guys can have him" - referencing his spoken support and meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump.  To her its like he betrayed his blackness by offering his support and having a conversation rather than protesting and burning weave shops.

Hey Kanye - you're not black anymore! You're a bad white male! Also apparently we own him now or he's now a slave or some token black guy rather than someone 'down for the struggle'.  Wew lassy!

Cat Meme 4 - Die Hard Edition

" know what you did".  I am sensing some butthurt here. Like somehow Kanye is a race traitor or some other leftist "othering" category.  You do know you are violating your own supposed principals of inclusiveness by 'othering' Kanye right?  No - you don't.  You  have fallen into the trap of tribalism.  If you do know better and I am wrong...that just makes it worse and quite a cynical move.  Gee I hope you don't throw out or delete all of his 'genius' music.

#6 Returns to Deliver a Message

"Nobody who has black friends says they have black friends." Do you have black friends? *crickets* Muahahahaha. Most of the time when someone is referencing a black friend or the fact that they associate with them is because some prick like yourself is accusing them of not being aware of or being insensitive to black issues - through lack of association.  It seems cliche - but often the question proceeding the statement is meant to insult/undermine the subject's integrity.  Maybe you stop assuming that someone doesn't have black friends first?  Again - nothing to do with being a white male...more to do with being subject to racial identity politics around every turn.

Cat Meme 5 - Die Harder

"Just because you have black friends doesn't mean you're not racist!"  Riiiiiight well it is probably a good sign that you're not - but since we can't prove a negative here...all white males are racist as an assumption to Cat Meme.  Also I would think it would be up to those alleged black friends to associate with the hypothetical racist white male.  Lets play this one out...Do you Sir Cat Meme associate with white racist males and call them your friends?  I'd bet the answer is no.

He looks really worried here for a moment - like the cognitive dissonance is catching up with his mouth.

Ambiguously Brown Male

"Look guys nobody's perfect."  Oh how nice of you to admit after the minute long lecture about how badly we white males have been acting! Oh the sweet sweet scent of moral superiority by virtue of not being born as a white male!  I say ambiguous brown male becuase I don't know where he's from or his name...could be middle eastern, could be central/south america...could be southern Spain or North Africa...OH THE HUMANITY!

AAAAAND the pullback

"But honestly you guys could do a little better in 2017". Huh well as a general statement that can apply to every individual - but in context it is horrendously demeaning and bigoted. Yes you and all your fellows are bigots.  I know...its shocking.  Try not to be triggered! Avoid Safe Spaces!

Right after saying that nobody is immediately pull back the slight a yeah but no kinda way.  Go fuck yourselves.

3rd Wave Whiplash!

"Some of you guys do a great job!"  Gee thanks...right after pulling back the previous consolation you go for another one...let me guess...there's a 'but' here.

"Some of you don't"  Huh...well I called it. Disingenuous optimism followed by arrogant pullback. I hope she knows that the patriarchy is watching!  Still nothing connected to white maleness - just uncorrelated moaning.

Cat Meme 6 - Memes and Loathing in Las Vegas

"Please 2016 was bad! 2017 can't be worse than this..." Your grasp of hyperbole is noted - the problem is I don't think you see it as hyperbole.  The disconnect with reality will be growing like a psychosis.

And the Signoff

Weird...none of the two actual white guys made a resolution to do anything...they just begged the rest to stop doing these things that have nothing to do with white maleness.  Huh. This is just a bigoted screed by people who are unwilling to see their own hypocritical views for what they are. If I had sympathy I'd say that it was a sad waste of potential - but I don't. They are old enough to know better.  I blame their professors, parents and teachers.  You have created little monsters.

And shame on MTV for promoting social justice.  It won't win you anything.

Monday, December 19, 2016

No You Can't Fire The Electoral College

The recent election has left those on the left/progressive end quite butthurt and trapped in an alternate reality of delusion.

Nowhere more is this evidenced by - than the recent propaganda piece published by the ACLU on their own site. So I will offer a tear-down of the piece and refutation of each and every point.

"Hillary Clinton — won the larger number of votes by several million."

Yes, but if you back out California alone - Trump won the popular vote.  California is a terribly overbalanced state in favor of the Democrats.  So if one examines the electoral college - it functioned appropriately and balanced out the heavy population concentration in the state - just as the system was designed to do!

"The ACLU has opposed the Electoral College since 1969 for non-partisan reasons. By now — everyone, Republicans, Democrats, and none-of-the-aboves — should be fed up with its undemocratic and unpredictable nature."

Lots of propaganda here.  First the ACLU is not non-partisan - so anything it does is ideologically driven - the only honest thing in that first sentence is the date.  Second, the propagandist use of undemocratic. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy.  Words have meaning and a democracy is not simply a government that is voted for.  We vote for representatives and we have many forms of checks and balances that make us uniquely a republic and one unique upon this earth.  Being undemocratic in this case is meant to be deliberately confusing to the reader - who may be under the illusion of living in a democracy.  It is virtually gas-lighting.  It is accurate in the strict sense that the United States isn't a nothing we do on a national scale and very few things on a state scale (aside from ballot referendums) are actually democratic.

People like this often try and confuse the language or insist on the term being in the vernacular as a way to muddy the water - but they know better and should be called out on it.

Unpredictable? That is an ambiguous and also propagandist term.  The author is projecting his or his own organizations perspective without any facts to back it up.  It is entirely predictable - get 270+ electoral votes and you're in!  What is unpredictable about that?  Nothing! There are further checks in place in case of a tie or other electoral issues.  The author is a propagandist and fails to even once cite the constitution itself.  The entire premise is a fraud.  Moving if one needs to...

"Alexander Hamilton, the current darling of Broadway, promoted the Electoral College in

Federalist 68” for deeply elitist reasons — he did not trust the common people to select the president. Notes of the Constitutional Convention show that the Electoral College’s unequal distribution of voting power was chosen as part of a sordid bargain: Along with the 3/5 Clause, the Electoral College was part of a compromise over slavery. States like Virginia wanted political influence commensurate with their total population even though they did not allow a large percentage of their population — slaves — to vote."

Deeply elitist reasons? You mean because the majority of the population wasn't even literate? Yes you are correct - but not for the right reasons.  One must read Plato's "The Republic" among other works and realize that our Founders had studied the history of previous democracies in Greece and elsewhere and realized that they had all ended in revolt and cities burnt down by mobs.  The Electoral College was a counter to the larger population of the southern states at the time - it was not something that went hand-in-hand with the 3/5ths Compromise as is suggested.  Additionally the only evidence provided is some professor's thesis paper - they didn't even bother to cite the widely available primary documents...y'know the Federalist 68 that they introduced to you without exploring in the first sentence.  Again - propaganda. The accurate description is found HERE and has nothing to do with slavery.  I mean it has as much to do with it as any other piece of the constitution does - in that they are in the same document - but the EC served to LIMIT the power of the slave states not to enhance it.

The final sentence is just rubbish in that it still conflates the 3/5ths compromise with the EC.  Utter trash.

"Even if, like Hamilton, we wanted an oligarchy to choose our president, today’s Electoral College is not a deliberative body."

Uhhh - well you are correct.  It isn't a deliberative body like the House of Representatives or the Senate.  It isn't supposed to be so this statement is also propaganda and meant to confuse the reader.  More trash.

"Whether an elector is permitted to exercise any independent judgment at all is hotly debated."

No it isn't. You are contradicting your previous statements!

"Although the Constitution does not require either of these approaches, most states have chosen to adopt laws requiring electors to cast their votes for whoever wins the state’s popular vote; 48 states decided on a winner take all system."

Yes They literally wrote that right before talking about the so-called 'hot-debate'.  Just because different states do things differently doesn't mean that its debatable or *gasp* controversial...I know try on logic for a change.  What is meant is that there is no Constitutional mandate and since the elections are actually held by the states - it is left up to them how to decide.  It isn't confusing - unless you deliberately set it up your argument to be confusing.

"The Electoral College thwarts the fundamental principle of one person, one vote by awarding each state a number of electoral votes equal to its allocation of representatives plus its two senators."

There is no such principle in the Constitution.  This is simply a statement based on a lie.  It thwarts nothing and is plainly set out to do exactly what it did in this election and all others prior to it. This is a huge lie - and one that should be obvious to anyone graduating from High School.  The fact that they try it out shows them to be subversive.  Why subversive and not simply ignorant/unknowing? Because its the ACLU - a group of highly educated lawyers who have the time and money to research basic fucking facts.  It is a deliberate lie - just like calling the USA a democracy.  Neither are true in any sense of the actual words.

"A voter in Wyoming thus has over three times as much influence on the presidential election as a voter in more densely populated California."

This sounds promising but wait...Wyoming has 3 Electors to California's 55.  Big scary Wyoming! Oh Wyoming why must you oppress the nation with your 3 uber votes! WAAAAAHHH. The author (at the ACLU no less) is proposing via this statement that Wyoming should have even fewer votes! He's actually advocating disenfranchising Wyoming voters as a consequence of his proposal to get rid of the EC.  

"And there are still racial and ethnic disparities in voting power."

Hrm - well that isn't connected to the EC in any way but go on...lets play this scenario out.

"One recent study calculated that Asian-Americans have barely more than half the voting power of white Americans because they tend to live in “safe” states — like Democratic-leaning New York and California and Republican-leaning Texas." 

That makes no sense that people living in states with the same other people...have less of a vote.  They have the exact same 1 vote that everyone else has.  There's no racial weighting...WTF is this even? Safe states? Oh they mean states that reliably go one way or the other politically.  This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with geography and the overall political/cultural climate of a region.  The author here unknowingly makes the case FOR the EC not against. The EC enables small shifts in any one of these states to have big national impacts.  This is also be design.  Swing states change every election - evidence? Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were swing states this year - states that had gone to President Obama previously and especially PA was new.  No one expected that one. Author is full of hot air.

"Furthermore, the number of representatives each state receives, the baseline for Electoral College representation, is determined by the census. But the census consistently undercounts minorities. The Census Bureau itself calculated that the 2010 census missed 1.5 million minorities, including 2.1 percent of African-Americans and 1.5 percent of Hispanics. The marginalization of minority voters in many states is compounded by state voter suppression laws."

Sentence 1: True(mostly) - does not require a furthermore - and its not a baseline - there is no modifier that can make it go up - no circumstance.  The author manages to lie within a truth.  Amazing. So the census bureau misses some people (1.5M out of 330M  and somehow they are ALL minorities?) and so of course the entire system is declared by the author and his organization to be invalid! Yes more hints at subversiveness. Well hints as in outright statements of it.

Marginalization? Its an error - not a deliberate attempt NOT to count them.  The author imputes a purposefulness where there is none and then references voter suppression laws (ID laws) based on the false idea that minorities simply don't have them and its too hard to get one.  Of course it is a bald faced lie.  Go ahead - walk around some area filled with non-whites and try and find someone who doesn't have or cannot get an ID.  It won't work because its bullshit.

"The smaller states argue that they will be ignored if they do not have more than their proportionate share of voting power. But the Electoral College system makes wallflowers of most states, including the most populous, and therefore of most of the American people."

Definitely a lawyer that wrote this - and a shameful one. States argue that the EC gives them a necessary voice in government.  Yes this is true. The Author then follows up with a lie. The EC does not make smaller states into wallflowers at all!  It gives them disproportionate power!  I mean that's the whole crux of the argument in every statement the author makes prior to this...and now contradicts himself or tries to minimize it.  Blatant chicanery.  Then he tries to indicate that California and Texas are wallflowers...despite admitting the contrary earlier and advocating for MORE power in those states by getting rid of the EC. 

"Less populous states already get to put several fingers on the scales in the Senate and in the constitutional amendments process."

No they don't.  They get the exact right amount of power based on their population and senate seats.  The Senate is the States House.  They used to be appointed by state legislatures - hence the longer terms of office since they deal with more foreign policy (treaties and the like) and must consider the interests of the states as entities themselves and not simply a collection of peoples.  The states as entities are to have equal representation as equals among fellows in the Union.  Yes now they are directly elected - but the long term view philosophy at least still stands as well as that sense of egalitarianism and being a more reasoned, deliberative and less raucous legislative body than the House of Representatives.  Author is still a knob.

"Why give them another undue advantage when our government is supposed to be run by “we, the people,” not “we, the states”?"

It isn't an advantage - it is a feature of two legislative bodies checking and balancing each other.  It is why we have two legislative bodies and not just one.  I don't have time to explain the entirety of the ideas behind bicameral legislatures...needless to say the author here is subtly implying that we should consider abolishing the Senate altogether.  Yes quite subversive and glib at the same time.  The jerk raises a question like that without providing any research - suggesting that there is no merit...since the author apparently hasn't taken time to find any!  Its a sneering question and meant to be rhetorical.

How subversive is the author and the ACLU? Well lets take a gander at the whopper coming up!

"The National Popular Vote Act Solution
Even without a constitutional amendment, the states have the power to fix the main problem of the Electoral College. If enough states enact the National Popular Vote Act (NPVA), the winner of the national popular vote would become the winner of the presidential election.
Under the NPVA plan, states enact a law requiring their electors to vote for the winner of the national popular vote (rather than the state’s own popular vote). The act becomes effective only after states with electoral votes totaling at least 270 have passed the legislation. Eleven states (CA, D.C., HI, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, RI, VT, WA) with a total of 165 electoral votes have already passed the NPVA. If states with electoral votes totaling 105 more votes pass the act, the winner of the next presidential election will be selected by popular choice.
This state-based approach is consistent with the framers’ decision in Article II to authorize the states to control the appointment of electors. If it is constitutionally permissible for states to instruct their electors to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote (the prevailing practice today), the states must also have the power to choose a different benchmark.  
Dozens of pro and con arguments — more than can be explored here — have been made about the constitutionality of the NPVA approach. It is probably true that the Electoral College cannot be wholly eliminated without a constitutional amendment. The NPVA would not eliminate the Electoral College but simply place it under new management — the American people’s.  The ACLU supports the NPVA because we believe that the responses to the range of opposing arguments are more persuasive. 
Although the states adopting the NPVA so far tend to be blue states, the movement has been bipartisan — as it should be. In February, the Arizona House became the third majority-Republican state legislative chamber to approve the act (following the New York and Oklahoma Senates) in a bipartisan 40-16 vote. If state legislatures refuse to go along, voters should take matters into their own hands with ballot initiatives to require that their states adopt the NPVA.
The Electoral College has been a predictable rubber stamp so far, but there is always the chance of a December surprise from so-called “faithless electors” who don’t vote as expected. Why should we tolerate this degree of unpredictability from a group we don’t actually want or expect to be exercising their own judgment? Even if we can’t agree on results, we should all be ready to agree on principle that our president should be chosen, like all of our other elected officials, by the straightforward popular vote."

I hope you read all that garbage.  The idea is that your state would assign electors to vote the way that the majority that anyone who gets to 270 - gets everything else.  So Wyoming - regardless of who you voted for - would not have the ability to assign electors to the candidate that your state's people supported.  Yes the author is again advocating disenfranchising you.  The author also lies about the NPVA Plan itself.  The effect that it has is that it puts CA in the drivers seat of even every other state that passes this law.  So lets play this out - hypothetically let us say that we go to the 2004 Election where GWB won the popular vote and the Electoral vote - that means that even if CA went 70% Democrat...their electors would be forced to vote Republican... *entering Bizarro World*  

You will note that in this election that Arizona's EC votes didn't go to the Democrats - BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T GET TO THE CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED 270 EC VOTES.  Not all states have ballot initiatives - but clearly a program of targeting is under weigh. Your state should assign its electors in accordance with the will of the voters of that state.  Anything else is tantamount to the greatest disenfranchisement scheme the nation has ever seen - affecting more people than slavery or Jim Crow laws ever did. No that is not hyperbole - it is fact and would affect roughly 60 million citizens who do not live within 62 miles of the coast but give dominion over all elections to states that have large and condensed populations mainly on the coasts.  That is by-the-way a larger amount than the total black population of the entire nation in modern times (~37.6M). The author is trying to invalidate the votes of almost TWICE that number. You could back out every single Hispanic and Latino (50M) and still not get to the numbers of people that he is advocating essentially give up the right to vote!

This is how you get riots - this is how to make a country into a democracy - politics by mob rule - and this is how you kill a society.  Moves like this can only end in bloodshed eventually and has the hallmark of a tyrant.  It is a cynical attempt to force the rural states to heel and even to bend Texas and Florida to the will of California.  Nothing about this enfranchises anyone or offers any value except to totalitarians.

The 'faithless electors' amounted to 2 on the republican side (ooooh big scary 2/306) and 6 of the Democrat electors went off the rails - a couple of whom weren't allowed to vote and were replaced with alternates! Yes we have alternates in case of sickness, or inability to cast their vote as required by law!  It isn't unpredictable - it is about the electors having a sense of what is moral and being a defensive ward against a tyrant.  The author is advocating for a tyrannical system under false pretenses.  

We should all agree? Why is that? No we should not agree that the President should be chosen by a popular vote!  That is projection and propaganda and just a falsity of the highest order.  We should not all think alike nor be joined in a tyrannical system as proposed!  This is subversion under the guise of patriotism.  This is the kind of thing that needs to be argued over and have the lies and propaganda exposed.

People get paid to put out crap like this...And they are dangerous; because to many people they will seem reasonable and have a valid point.  They will seem this way because of various logical fallacies like the appeal to authority and the appeal to expertise.  They will abuse this natural trust and twist it like a knife in your mind. They will as shown - create false assumptions and false premises and then base whole arguments around a central lie.  Please do your own research - examine the sources and beware those who come peddling a new grand plan to save you from yourself.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Daredevil Season 2 - Mid Point Review


Frank Castle AKA "The Punisher" has been captured and now subject to trial by jury.  The conspiracy involving him appears to concern a DA whose own mini-mystery has yet to be revealed.  The majority of the gross corruption of season 1 appears to have been stamped out at least from the temptation side of things.

Meanwhile Matt has met up with Elektra Nachios, his college flame, heir to a criminal empire and whom he is actually aiding in that takeover...albeit somewhat unknowingly.  The excitement of the romance with Paige is counterbalanced by the excitement of Elektra's high energy rogue-ishness. 

Elektra - She is where Matt was in season .  She is beginning to come into her own.  She is cowgirling around in PJ's and we haven't seen her signature sais yet.  Matt isn't getting quite as injured as frequently and  he gets a suit upgrade fairly early on after a headshot leaves him with a concussion - which he battles through admirably if not unrealistically.

She's also his nemesis.  She is a bigger danger to him than any of the people he actually fights.  He is weak to her because he is like her.  She likes adventure and so does he.  He doesn't trust Paige but he should and he won't learn the lessons until he gets hurt by them.  Mixed in all this is his best friend who is being torn up by prior knowledge, loyalty and te fact that h e is a little bit fascinated to  be on the edge of events witnessing them and to his own credit is becoming a fine lawyer despite Matt's inattention as his second life begins to overtake his first one.  And with Elektra other mysteries deepen.  Will Stick make a return?  The Chaste vs the Hand?  Will the Hand reveal itself?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Funny Thing About Nuclear Haters

Nuclear Power - In the USA it has been a bogey man ever since Three-mile island (TMI).  Never mind that TMI's accident was entirely a human fault.  The mere whiff of something bad maybe happening scared people unreasonably.  This is something special to nuclear power.

For example a gas turbine plant in Middletown CT exploded because of human error in purging some of the pipes and a malfunction in the safety system that happened prior to the safety valve.  It went off like a giant bomb but we don't talk about not building them because they *might* and *have* exploded in populated areas.

What happened at TMI was the result of mainly human error.  The system that did fail gave notice that it was failing and there was plenty of time for the engineers to act.  However they were ill trained and made mistakes.  Even so there was not a full meltdown of the core and only a small amount of coolant was leaked.  The coolant was water.  People under many guises of 'expertise' have somehow used human error as a reason why the technology itself is flawed.  Which of course is a red herring.  One must be careful to spot hidden agendas.

In the book 'Nuclear Roulette' (co written by Jerry Mander and Gar Smith) the authors mix fact, fiction and opinion.  Let us get some examples.

In regards to their preferred tech (solar power) they cite the Olmedilla de Alarcon solar plant in Alarcon, Spain.

Stated:  Build Cost of $350,000,000
Actual:  Build Cost of 385,000,000 ($530,000,000)
Error: Basic fact checking
Bias:  wishful thinking

Stated:  62MW capacity, 85 MWh Generation
Actual: 9.7MW/85MWh generation
Error: Lie of Omission
Bias:  Being intentionally obscure

The 60MW capacity is only achieving 16% of its generation capacity or 9.7/60MW

The reality is that it does have a potential of 60MW but many factors from dust to clouds to jet contrails and other obscure things prevent it from ever achieving anything even close to peak.  The authors of Nuclear Roulette decided that solar had to look good even though it is terrible.  Every square meter of the Olmedilla PV park generates 9 Watts of power.

To compare that to a similar sized gas turbine power plant of something under 100MW in capacity we get 4-5,000 watts of power per square meter.  The solar energy might seem attractive but the energy density is obscenely low.  Assuming 4,000W/M-sq that leaves a solar panel generating 0.00225 as much energy per square meter as the gas turbine. That is 0.225%.

Others spout much the same in terms of lies.  They then talk about doing with less.  De-industrializing.  These are the population control people, the ones who tell you that YOU will have to do without for the good of the planet.

The reality is that we have a solar system full of bounty.  We are doing a poor job of leveraging our early energy stores to gain access to greater stores and ignoring greater potential energies here on earth out of fear, ignorance and juvenile attention spans.

In their section describing the various alternative nuclear (Gen IV+) reactors some are described accurately and others are not.

Their molten salt reactor description is vague and filled with falsehoods.

"THE MOLTEN SALT REACTOR uses nuclear fuel dissolved in molten fluoride salt flowing into a graphite core. It requires super-durable structural materials and poses proliferation risks."

That is it.  The first sentence is accurate, but the term nuclear fuel is vague.  What nuclear fuel are they talking about?  Well it would be thorium in almost all cases.  The thorium fuel cycle is not only proliferation resistant due to the actual decay chain, but it produces many useful isotopes of other elements that we can make use of in science, industry and medicine.  On top of that the half life of many materials are in seconds and minutes or hours with none of them being longer than 70 years.  The materials with a 70 year life time are at the beginning of the cycle and can be kept in the reactor and re-used until in a less harmful state since this is a LIQUID fueled reactor.

Every other reactor type uses solid uranium oxide fuel except the traveling wave reactor.  That uses solid depleted uranium and is low pressure passively cooled.

The second sentence has the first part implying that the requirement for super-durable materials is somehow far too difficult to obtain to be worth the effort and the second part speaks about proliferation 'risks' without any discussion as to the actual level of risk (very low).

The super durable materials were created in the late 1950's and the specific one that is still used and available is called Hastelloy-N.  It is designed to be one of the most corrosion resistant alloys ever.  It was specifically engineered for the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors.  The test reactors devised in the 1950's ran for 20,000 hours (nearly four years) without a hitch.  It was this initial reaction that gave us the plutonium (PU-238) that was used in the nuclear thermal batteries we used in our deep space probes.  We are out of that plutonium now.  That plutonium could not be used in nuclear weapons.  Plutonium is not found in nature.

People often enough govern their lives out of fear rather than knowledge.  This needs to be corrected.

Monday, January 05, 2015

WTF is a samoflange!

So the FBI is again pushing back against our civil liberties and this time in a hardcore manner.  The FBI's Assault On Freedom & Privacy is getting worse and worse as time goes on.  The FBI has never been great with civil liberties regardless of being at war or peace.  The FBI has recently complained that by allowing users to encrypt their cell phones that its harder for them to do their job because now they have to serve the target of the investigation with a warrant rather than a 3rd party service provider.  In fact in that article they demand backdoor access...that is artificial vulnerabilities in your personal devices.  If the FBI can access it so can anyone else with some skill and determination.

Oh that pesky 4th amendment.  Additionally the FBI and all police have had a 'set back' because the US Supreme Court ruled that cell phones are part of the person's and property that are regarded as private and secure without a warrant due mostly to how they have evolved into a more complex data storage and personal organization device in addition to entertainment and work related value.

This most recent decision on the part of the FBI coincides with many people taking notice of all of the fake cell towers in the DC area and around our military bases where everyone's traffic is captured and redirected without their knowledge through government or other third party run interception towers.  The sad fact is that a crypto-phone sells for 1,500 Euros...which at the current exchange rate is...$1,792.00.  Good luck getting your company to pay for that unless you're an executive and not too many people know enough or care enough much less can afford to spend enough to obtain one of these.  No major carrier stocks them.  The alternative is the Blackphone and retails for about $630 before taxes.  Again you cannot walk into your carrier's local store and get one as part of a contract.

People should stand up and take notice of how much the FBI wants into your personal life and reject it out of hand.  The FBI much like the IRS or the ATF has gotten out of control and unlike those other organizations congress has never chartered it.  The FBI is quite literally a rogue agency.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Mass Effect 3 -> Mass Effect The Next Generation (or whatever)

The Mass Effect Trilogy was the journey of one Commander John/Jane Shepard.  Cdr. Shepard rose from a line officer to a Command officer and finally culminated in pan galactic war hero with unlimited authority and above any law.  Its a lot of exceptions to make for any man but for the story to succeed it worked.  He/She was basically an interstellar Delta-Force^³.

Well as a result of his or her choices we get three basic flavors of ending to this 'volume' for lack of a better term.

Flavor 1: Destruction - Reapers and Geth go bye bye...oh and so does EDI.
Consequence - Depending on war assets and whether or not you made the illlusive man kill himself...Shepard survives.  The reapers are destroyed and anything made up of their technology is at best majorly disrupted (presumably including the Keepers in the Citadel as well as the Citadel dead in orbit over the Earth).  The Mass Effect Relays are majorly damaged and teh galaxy is ravaged by the war with merely pieces of their fleets left over.

The industrial and damage to quality of life across these interstellar empires is massive.  This cycle may have been the least ready for an onslaught like this and only survived due to luck in finding what others had left behind.  The Protheans of the previous cycle had probably dealt a lot more damage to the Reapers than even Shepard could imagine...yet they kept on coming.  The empires of this era were comparatively new on the proverbial block.

The Reapers would have had precious little trouble if it wasn't for the MacGuffin that is the Crucible.  Not even the remnants of their creators (the Leviathan) were really much of a threat.

So to me this is the worst possible ending in terms of the amount of time it takes to recover.  However it gives the galaxy the largest chance to start completely anew.  It is a clean slate.  future protagonists will have to deal with an overall stunted technological and industrial/commercial base (logically) and whatever the main plot goal is...will be the most difficult to achieve.  However there will be some rewards in terms of flexibility for choices one would surmise.

As to the Quarian question - They might not matter.  If the player chose to side with legion...then do destruction...both Geth and Quarians are endangered species if not outright extinct by the time we pick up the first chapter of the next volume.  At best the Quarians are left trapped in the Sol System far from Rannoch...which at this point would be a long way from being rebuilt.

Shepards survival or death isn't terribly meaningful except to Liara..who may still be alive and a Matron by the time the new volume picks up.  If he survived there maybe one or two of his daughters out there to be encountered or if not encountered then at least you might hear about their own exploits.

Flavor 2:  Control - Quarians and Geth can survive in this one together or you can pick one or the other.  Here Shepard is now the Deus Ex Machina.  He replaces the Starchild and the Reapers become a super pan galactic protector rather than a machine of harvesting.

Consequences - The Mass relays are likely rapidly rebuilt and technological development continues onward.  Galactic travel likely resumes in as short as a generation or two thanks to Reaper assistance.  In game terms...maybe the new protagonist will hear the ghostly voice of =Shepard exclaiming that this store is his favorite on the citadel.  Perhaps the Reapers will deliver unexpected aid to the protagonist as a result of Shepard's benevolence and desire to protect the galaxy from whatever the latest threat is.

On the down side we may have an orwellian sort of state here where nothing is beyond the reach of the reapers.  A soft tyranny of sorts.  the brutality of the reapers will be unquestioned but largely hidden from all but those in power for the various stellar governments.  The mere threat of war will result in the Reapers stepping in as a police force to prevent or  stop instability.  Peace at all costs.

The overall plot wouldn't change but news reports and attitudes would be darker.  The Reapers would be anti-heroic.  Shepard is in control...isn't he?  That would be a neat C-plot to explore.

Flavor C - The Good Ending - Synthesis.  The Reapers...though partially organic before are now sentient and connected to the web of life.  They have empathy and individuality.  Individuals are now connected through their shared techno-organic Gestalt and have access to all of the knowledge that came before.

As the ending states...everyone is free to rebuild and flourish like never before.  The Reapers are galactic citizens and not oppressors or caretakers.  The state of technology would be highest here...perhaps with a new generation of Mass Relays...or a better form of travel that eliminates the need for them entirely.  Ships and people can now move freely about the Galaxy.  This ending REQUIRES many things.  It requires Shepard to have deleted the Geth who rebelled.  It requires Shepard to have stood down the Quarian fleet while allowing legion to sacrifice himself for the good of his entire people and it requires the quarians to have some to a peace with the Geth.

EDI lives.  The Normandy flies off.  Perhaps it reapirs itself now that it is at least partly composed of organic components.  The Krogan even flourish...rebuilding Tuchanka in the images of the ancients.  They have learned from their mistakes and have likely expanded their space beyond Tuchanka and potentially have a seat on the Council...taking their place finally as a legitimate power.  The Reapers after helping to repair likely retreated to dark space continuing a higher mission of protection of their Galactic Wards.  They might even have a council representative.

The protagonist here will have an extreme advantage compared to other endings with possibly a better starting condition.   N7 at this point should be a pan galactic designation...not one limited to those from Earth.  It should be on-par if not replacing the SPECTRE status (regardless of ending).  The difference here is that there will be more cooperation than in the destruction ending between powers...easier diplomatic solutions.  Control would force cooperation out of fear of the wrath of shepard.  Destruction...well the galaxy should be only *just* recovering in the slightest at his point.

Entire worlds will be cratered and fact this would likely be the first Generation to really go back to the stars from the Destruction ending.  I for one can't imagine that ever being the best ending.  However it would have one thing in common with the synthesis ending and that is a different method of FTL travel not dependent on Reaper based Mass Relays.

Well here's to hoping we pick up on the Dark Energy story line here.